Wednesday, June 30, 2010

the mystery salad...SOLVED!!

in April i posted about a woman who sent her food back to the kitchen and received a free salad from the manager while she waited for the re-cook. I saw her push the salad away like it was poison and when the manager asked her if it was okay she responded "No, i didn't want any lettuce". And me and everyone i ran it by was like "what the f--". Well kids, the mystery has been solved!

Tonight's main event!
customer: "Can i get a salad, no lettuce."
me: "Umm, okay. So you don't want any iceberg or romaine lettuce, just the purple cabbage and shredded carrots?"
customer: "That's right, with bleu cheese. And let me get cheese added to the salad."

and there you have it!