Thursday, July 1, 2010

sorry kid, i ain't takin' THAT ID!

late Saturday night two surly looking girls wandered in and sat themselves in the back of the restaurant. They looked to be college aged and had a smug entitled look to them. Once i decided to finally acknowledge their presence i grabbed two menus and headed back to where they'd seated themselves. One of them was avidly inspecting the drink menu and the other was just sitting there with a general look of disdain. I asked what i could get them to drink and the girl looking at the drink menu ordered a foofsy Peach Tea Vodka Lemonade thing we have on there.

"can i see some ID?"

cue a beleagured sigh and eye roll. The girl dug an ID out of the depths of her pocket and handed it off to me. Now let me tell you about this ID...the back was in perfect pristine shape but the front--seriously it looked like it had been placed face down in acid. There was a vague ghost outline of a person on it and i could almost make out some letters. Hell, i couldn't even tell if it was from my state. There's no way an ID can get that f-ed up on one side only unless it's intentional, ya know? So i lied and said "i'm sorry but i'll have to show this to the manager--we have a policy about damaged cards like this." (That card was too good not to share with someone). I received an even louder sigh and more dramatic eye roll for my announcement. Normally i'd make some sort of jokey "Whoa! What happened to your card?!" type of comment to see how they'd react but i really didn't see the point with the wall of attitude i was getting. I took the ID over to where the manager was sitting and i said "hey ____, would YOU take this ID?" "What the hell is this?!" he said, holding it out at arms length with a furrowed brow.

(needless to say these girls got mad and left when they got the official Hell No, taking my potential 50 cent tip with them. Geez.)

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