Friday, April 9, 2010

makin' gravy!

this afternoon i went to a bookstore and saw a book i just had to leaf through--it was one of those "chain restaurant recipes...revealed!" types, with do it yourself versions of Applebee's orange chicken, Red Lobster cheese biscuits, etc. But what really caught my eye was that they had a recipe for country gravy from the 24 hour chain i used to work for. It was a nice homespun recipe, picture yourself in the kitchen whisking together your heated milk and flour...i call mega BS!! That shit comes outta a bag! You go in the stockroom, wrestle the giant box of gravy packets off the top shelf, blow the dust off it, rip it open and dump it in hot water. Hell, if you want gravy that bad, my suggestion is that you stop by that restaurant after 2 am (the manager will be gone at that hour no matter how busy it is), slip the server a few dollars and they'll give you a few packets. If i was still working there and someone made me that offer i'd trot right back there while the cook was disappeared on his drug break and give you some. So much easier than buying a book and ingredients!


  1. Those books make me laugh so hard--in my restaurant EVERYTHING comes in pre-made, except the mashed potatoes and pico do gallo!

  2. PurpleGirl is right, most chain restaurant foods are so portioned, developed and tested that most people could cook it at home with the same outcome.