Tuesday, April 6, 2010

the mystery salad

customer: "My catfish tastes burnt and the hushpuppies are soggy in the middle."

me: "Oh, i'm so sorry about that! Let me take that back and have it remade for you! Would you like to keep your sides while you're waiting?"

customer: "No, i want everything made fresh."

the manager came out to tell her the new catfish would be ready soon and asked if she'd like a complimentary soup or salad while waiting. The customer said she'd like a salad with thousand island dressing, which the manager promptly dropped off. From the server line i watched her push the salad off to the side and ignore it. The manager came out with the fish and noticed the untouched salad.
manager: "Was everything all right with your salad?"
customer: "No, i didn't want any lettuce."