Friday, April 2, 2010

while you wait...

some restaurants serve yeast rolls. Others serve bread sticks. There's plenty that offer you jack while you wait. My store has baskets o saltine crackers. Used to be we'd take it out automatically with a ramekin of butter. But that has now been sacrificed to the great god of Cutting Costs, and we're now required to ask "wouldja like me to bring you some crackers while you wait?" in the standard fake cheery voice. Butter is to be brought out only upon request. We cannot put the idea in the customer's head, they have to ask unprompted. Of course the customers (many are regulars who've been coming in for years) have not been apprised of this change so they think i'm just the big lazy slob who forgets their butter. Cue "MISS--could we get some butter here" and "excuse me, WE need some butter!" Awesome, extra trips back and forth for me! Maybe the owner will use the few cents he's saving to bust out the fancy ink to print out my next $0.00 paycheck.

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