Friday, April 2, 2010

thar's beans in muh soup!

a couple Tuesdays ago the soup of the day was Sausage Lentil. Big surprise here, it contains sausages...and lentils. A stuffy old woman couldn't wrap her mind around my description of the soup (which was a heap of a lot better than what i just typed) so i brought her out a little sample bowl of it. She gingerly swam her spoon through it and looked up at me all aghast, exclaiming "there's BEANS in it!" Needless to say she got a side salad instead, with a zillion modifiers.

that reminds me of a night when a young woman ordered a piece of butterscotch pie. I dropped it off and shortly after i noticed she had the "i need something" look on her face. I stopped by, saying "everything all right here?" Using her fork to point down at the pie she asked me "what is this?" Grim silence as i tried to figure out what she wanted to know. "'s your pie??" I mean really, what was i supposed to say? Turns out she wanted to know what the meringue was. I played off the awkward moment with "whoa, i thought i'd brought out the wrong pie! You had me scared there!" Le sigh.

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